Competition rules

  1. Team formation
    1. There are no restrictions on team size.
    2. Teams should consist of students of AS/A level Mathematics, Scottish Highers or the International Baccalaureate (or qualifications with equivalent content).
    3. All the students in a team must attend the same school/college.
    4. One student from the team must register the team and submit answers; the team should agree who this will be to ensure there is only one entry per team. This student is referred to below as the Team Captain.
    5. Every student can only be in one team, including the Team Captain.
    6. The Team Captain must inform a Nominating Teacher at their school that their team is competing, and provide that teacher with the names of all the students in their team.
    7. The Nominating Teacher will need to be available on the provided email address from 13th to 16th December 2022.
    8. A teacher can be the Nominating Teacher for more than one team
  2. Registration
    1. Registration is via the Ritangle webpage and a team must be registered in order to submit answers.
    2. Registration will be open from 3rd October 2022 until 5th December 2022.
    3. A list of the information required to register a team is
      • Team Name
      • School/college name
      • Team Captain Name
      • Team Captain E-mail Address
      • Nominating Teacher Name
      • Nominating Teacher E-mail address
  3. Taking part
    1. An entry to the competition requires the submission of answers via a webform.
    2. Teams should keep evidence of their work on the questions. The judges may request to see this. It is suggested that each team nominates a member as Team Archivist to keep the team’s working for the questions as they are attempted.
    3. Any help with the questions is permitted, including finding information about the questions on the web and using technology. The only exception to this is that teachers should not help students directly (but help with relevant theory is fine). Team members must understand any help received, and have the working to demonstrate this (see 3.2).
    4. Teams may submit answers to the final question (stage 3) more than once, but only their final submission will be considered.
    5. Don’t publicise/share your answers. Other people are working on the puzzle, and their work should be respected.
    6. Anyone found leaking the answers or clues inappropriately and anyone found making intentional use of such leaks will be barred from receiving the prize 
    7. Any news, such as the discovery of an error in one of the questions, a change in the rules, or the publication of a clue if deemed appropriate will be announced on the Ritangle website.
  4. Winning the competition
    1. Answers for the final question will be accepted up until 1600 on Tuesday 13th December 2022. After that:
      1. the team scoring most highly on the final (stage 3) question will be declared the winner, subject to their working satisfying the judges.
      2. if there is more than one team with the highest score on the final question the winner will be chosen, from such teams, as the team that submitted their answer first, subject to their working satisfying the judges. Note that only the final submission of a stage 3 answer will be considered, along with its timestamp.
      3. In the event that the above does not determine a winner, the winning team will be chosen at the discretion of the judges based on the answers submitted.
    2. If there is a possibility a team has won, in accordance with 3.4, the judges will contact the Nominating Teacher to verify details of the team and their participation. If the answer is satisfactory to the judges (see 3.2) then that team will be the winner.
    3. The decision of the judges is final. No discussion will be entered into regarding the decision over who is the winner.
    4. The winning team and the answers will be announced on the Ritangle website as soon as possible after the closing date for submissions.
    5. The prize will be a maths hamper, including an Integral subscription for the school/college, and a trophy, and this will be awarded to the school of the winning team. Due to postage costs we reserve the right to substitute a prize of equivalent value but of less weight/bulk should the winning team be based outside mainland UK.
  5. General
    1. The judges reserve the right to change these rules as necessary
    2. Competitors or teachers can email with any queries.